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Hybrid Interaction Ltd.

Since 2007, Hybrid Interaction has grown into the industry'’s leading iGaming CRM consultancy firm. Offering hands-on solutions, we assist clients through professional advisory services in the areas of CRM Strategy Building, Retention Marketing, Conversion Tactics, Loyalty Schemes and VIP Management.
We help our clients exceed their goals. Our unique approach involves utilizing the existing strengths and talents that a company has and helping them expand from within.
Let our Knowledge Work for You.

TK Poker Events

TK Poker Events is the leader in offering poker event consulting and administrative services to offline and online casinos and card room operators and organizers worldwide.
With qualified team members from over 15 countries who share Thomas Kremser's core values, TK Poker Events has earned the trust of organizers and players alike. Whether it is planning, personnel recruiting, collaboration with venues or the direction of a tournament, TK team brings you the benefit of expert management supervision.